10 Ways to Capture More Online Restaurant Reservations

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Marketing has known to become the biggest sector in any business enterprise. Either it is a tech company like Apple, Google, and Microsoft or an Automobile industry like Toyota, Honda, and Audi. Marketing holds a large proportion of expenditure. 

After the rise of the internet, many sectors have been influenced due to the ease of visibility of data anywhere in the world. Marketing has also been influenced by a quick approach to every corner of the world. 

The term e has been introduced ever since evolving every sector into e-marketing, e-finance, e-book, email, e-commerce, and many more. Not just that, bookings and reservations has never been easier before.

As far as restaurants are concerned, they do not afford an empty table. Every empty table costs them wages and utilities until a customer arrives. They want to have an approachable system for customers to be used easily. Online reservation is a considerable means to attain their goal.

Here we will talk about 10 Ways to Capture More Online Restaurant Reservations:

1. Create Separate Pages for each Restaurant Location

You can’t have one page for all your restaurant locations. It would become impossible to know which branch the customer is approaching. Different pages for different locations would allow you to manage your customers and your customers to be sure that their reservations have been made in the right location. 

2. Make the Reservation Link Prominent

Prominent link adds more visibility and stress to it, and people’s focus is automatically on that link. As soon as any person opens the website, you would want him or her to have their eyes on the reservation link. 

So after their survey, they should know how to reserve a table.

3. Make the Website Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

People are leaning more towards using mobiles rather than laptops or personal computers. Mobiles are easy to carry and execute operations much faster. The website being able to be operated from mobile in a friendly way would increase the traffic. More people would be considering online reservations to your restaurant through the use of mobile.

The response is another factor in capturing more people’s attention. We live in a quick world. We believe that everything has to happen with just a single tap. A responsive website would be a plus point in that perspective. 

4. Consider using Booking Services

Booking services are widely used now, and people explore many great restaurants through those services. Your restaurant’s name on the list of those booking sites would allow more people to access your restaurant and you might have more reservations that wouldn’t be otherwise there.

5. Partner with Last-Minute Booking Services

Last-minute booking services have a difficult task to manage their customers in a very short period of time. This quick service is what attracts the people most and would want to have in their favorite place. 

Partnering up with a last-minute booking service would definitely help you to increase your relationships with your customers. Happy customers bring new customers automatically, be it through an online reservation. 

6. Add a Reservations Link on Facebook

Facebook daily has large traffic & visitors. People widely use Facebook in their free time and spend most of their time scrolling. Facebook is a great way to promote your reservation capabilities. 

On your page, you have to add your reservation link that would directly lead the people to the reservation’s option. Easy access would capture more Online reservations.

7. Use the Restaurant’s Email List Effectively

Customers are contacted various times through email for different events like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. The list of those customer’s emails should be used effectively for the promotion of the reservation page link. 

Add your reservation page’s link in your email’s signature for people to access it during an exchange of email. 

8. Promote Online Reservation Capabilities in Print Ads

Print ads are an effective way of promotion. They may be on billboards around the city, on walls, street lights, and frequently visited locations. Residents of the city are repeatedly exposed to the message by these print ads and a way to promote the capabilities of online reservation.  

9. Information about Reservations should be in Text, not an Image

Even though the picture says a thousand words, you do not need a thousand words to share the information about reservations. All the information about reservation can be shared within 30-40 words, and that’s it. 

While pictures are a considerable way to share the message, the reader may come up with another idea about the reservation, which may be a bit hard to understand.

10. Use a clear Call to Action

Some people are in a rush and want the booking and reservation to happen with immediate action. For those people, call to action is a service that would open doors towards achieving this task. Your websites should have a prominent signal for the call to action that would let them reserve their table immediately. 


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