How to Increase Profit During Ramadan?

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Ramadan, the ninth month according to the lunar calendar of Muslims, is one of the most crucial times of the year. The whole Muslim community fasts during this month from dawn till dusk. Due to this, there is little to nobody seen in the restaurants for food in day hours especially if your restaurant is near the majority of Muslim populace.

If you are a food chain or restaurant owner, the increase or decrease of the profit during Ramadan totally depends on you. To increase your profit and make sure you do not generate lesser revenue during Ramadan needs proper planning and strategy. Following are some tips that will help you devise a helpful strategy in preparing for Ramadan:

Change the timings of the restaurant

Changing the timings of your services is the most significant point. You should facilitate your customers by delivering your services at the time they need. As the peak times during Ramadan are the dawn and dusk, make sure your restaurant does not have a tag of ‘Closed’ on its door at these times of the day.

Not only the door, but your delivery service should also be opened at these times. Maybe there are people who love your food but like to have it at home. So, they would be ordering it over the phone rather than coming to the restaurant. An active person needs to be employed to listen to the phone calls and an active driver is required to deliver the food efficiently. Have both and your income will be enhanced by on time delivery of Sehr or Iftars.

Also, the staff can be and should be accommodated according to the timings. If your staff includes both Muslims and non-Muslims, you can give your Muslim workers some relaxation during the daytime so they can have an easy fast. However, if the majority of your staff is Muslim, you can decrease their working hours for a month.

Generating a new menu

Another healthy tip is to revise your menu and add what the community likes to eat at the time of keeping and breaking fast. The time to keep fast is called ‘Sehr’ and the time to break fast is called ‘Iftar’ in Arabic. That’s how Muslim schedule their fasts.

At the time of Sehr, Muslims prefer to eat a proper meal containing rice, bread, chapattis accompanied by meat/chicken curry, pottage and chorba. At the time of Iftar, Muslims like to break their fast with fresh juices or milk. The Iftar meal mostly contains tea time snacks, sandwiches, and other light dishes.

What you can do is to generate a separate menu for Sehr and Iftar during Ramadan and add a great variety of dishes accordingly. This will attract a lot of people. You can also look up for the kind of food people in your area like or prefer during Ramadan. Good prior research always helps!

Create a healthy and pleasant environment

The ambience can be renewed as well. A little renovation in the outlook of your restaurant can make a great difference. As Ramadan for restaurants is a critical time, your restaurant should have an appealing and pleasant view that attracts more people.

People prefer to have a calm and soft environment which lets their minds be at peace while fasting. If your ambience appears to be both calm and soft, people will love to come and have their food and recommend it to others as well. In this way, you are ready to make more profit.

Another important point to add here is that you can change your seating arrangements. Ramadan is the time when families and friends like to come together and invite each other on Sehr and Iftar. As the number of people coming in groups increase, make sure you have space to accommodate them. Try also to bring a healing effect into the restaurant with traditional instruments and singing bowls.

Change the arrangement of your restaurant so that you have some tables for 12-20 person. As many restaurants do not pay attention to this, you can have a lot of benefits by focusing on this one point merely.

Spread love

Little lovely and noble gestures are welcomed greatly during this month. Ramadan is titled as a month of blessings, love and peace. People exchange gifts and prayers. You can contribute to that by showing some small benevolent gestures.

You can think about ideas like small gifts in beautiful packaging, complimentary deserts, a bundle of flowers and whatnot. These little acts help in spreading love and peace. Also, they can be a great source of commercializing your restaurant or food chain. A compliment or a gift is never forgotten. As enthusiastic as you are during the Christmas, New Year and Easter, your attitudes and faces should be welcoming and happy the same way during Ramadan.

So, spread love and gather people which will ultimately lead you to more profits.

Introduce some special Ramadan deals

Revising your menu and offering some special deals is also a helpful tip. Those deals can be specifically for Sehr and Iftar while some can be for both times. It appears that more food is being offered at a lesser price and so, people are greatly attracted to these deals. There is 99% chance that not only Muslim fast keepers but non-Muslims are also equally attracted to these deals.

So, doesn’t that mean more income? Introducing a few special deals can generate a lot of revenue.

Another way is to offer Sehr and Iftar buffet. As buffet is a lot in demand these days, it is very profitable for the restaurant owners. Also, it is a handy way to save food from being wasted. If collectively seen, more dishes are offered but less food is consumed. This relieves the burden of the cooks, waiters, and dishwashers of your restaurants as well.

Don’t forget to communicate these deals across your social media to increase online reservations for your restaurant.

So, these are some helpful tips that will improve your services, food menu, environment and ambience as well the reputation of your restaurant ultimately leading to increased income and more profits during the month of Ramadan.

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