OpenTable vs. Yelp vs. Resy vs. Reserve vs. Eat, Which Online Reservation System is Right for You?

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You might be thinking about using a restaurant reservation system at your restaurant, or maybe you already have one and are just thinking about finding an alternative. Well whatever your restaurant reservation queries may be, I am here to provide you with an unbiased summary of some of the best restaurant reservations systems in the US, including OpenTable, Yelp, Resy, and Reserve.

By the end of this article you should have a better idea about which online reservation system is right for your restaurant. Whether that be because of price, functionality, features, or even portability.

We have compared a range of Restaurant Reservation Systems to give you the information you need to make the right choice for your Restaurant.


OpenTable is easily the world’s leading restaurant reservation provider, currently seating over 25 million diners per month through their online reservation system and consumer facing app. This is in part due to having 45,000 restaurants listed on their app, but more so due to their robust table management suite.

OpenTable has one pricing model for their table management system, which is $250 per month. In addition to this, they charge 25 cents for all reservations that come from the restaurant’s website, and $1 for every reservation that comes from OpenTable or their partner sites. There is also a set up fee associated with OpenTable that starts at $200 and can be upwards of $600.

Assuming your restaurant generates 200 covers per month from your website and 100 covers per month from OpenTable and their partner sites, this brings your monthly total to a minimum of $3350 for the first year, and then $3,150 for every year after that.

OpenTable runs on their proprietary in house reservation system as well as on iOS, iPad, and the web. As with Restaurant Manager by eat, there is no limit on the amount of users and devices that can be connected.

Some of OpenTable’s features include waitlist, POS integration, guest book, custom tags, SMS, and customizable floor plans.


Founded in 2004, Yelp started as a restaurant discovery and review platform, by 2010 they had amassed more than 4.5 million crowd-sourced reviews.Simultaneously, they introduced their reservation platform “Yelp Reservations” which allowed their users to make reservations at the restaurants listed on the yelp review site. In parallel to this they also launched their reservation system.

Yelp boasts that 92 million diners use their service, making it a very attractive reservation system for restaurants located in the countries Yelp operates in.

Yelp reservations charges a flat $249/month to use their table management system. They do not charge for covers, and it is available globally. Using similar numbers as we did for OpenTable, Yelp Reservations will cost you $2988 per month.


Established in 2013, Eat launched in Bahrain with their consumer facing app “Eat” and their table management system, “Restaurant Manager by Eat” to address the gap in the restaurant reservation market in the middle east. With their success in Bahrain, was able to relocate their headquarters to Dubai (arguably the food hub of the region) where they continued to grow both their B2C and B2B offerings.  Their success in the region allowed them to secure partnerships with the likes of TripAdvisor and TimeOut, making it easier for partner restaurants to increase their revenue.

Restaurant Manager by Eat is now used by restaurants big and small across the globe, helping restaurant operators manage and acquire reservations with ease.

Eat charges a flat $99/month for their table management system. They do not charge restaurants for covers and do not have any set up or training fees. Any restaurant with an iPad or computer can instantly start to manage their reservations.  Restaurant Manager by Eat will cost you $1188 per year.

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ResyOS is a complete restaurant reservations and waitlist system, including table management, ticketing, web and app booking, CRM, POS integration and more. Resy boasts that they have seated over 71 million diners using their consumer facing app and restaurant reservation software. with over 2,000 restaurants active on their software in 160 cities, they’ve managed to maintain a global no show rate of 4.8%.

ResyOS starts at $189 per month and goes up to $899 per month depending on the plan you choose but does not charge for covers. They charge 2-3$ on ticketed events though depending on the subscription plan you’ve chosen. Real time POS integration can be added to the lower two tiers for $100 per month, and is included in the $899/ month plan. Using similar calculations as above, Resy would cost you $2268 per month.

Their features include:

  • Guest notes
  • 2-way sms confirmation and reminders
  • automated waitlist
  • Track web bookings
  • real time POS


Reserve is a US based table management system which promises to help restaurants connect with their guests. Reserve achieves this goal by helping guests discover restaurants they want to dine at through their consumer facing app, book their tables directly, and then offer a personalized service once the guests arrive.

Reserve claims that they are one of the only table management systems with a “brain”, meaning their smart table management system can help restaurants get more diners into the same amount of seats.

Reserve charges a flat $99 per month for their ipad based table management system which is only offered in the US. restaurants using reserve to manage their tables do not have to pay for any of their covers. Based on similar calculations as the previous reservation systems, Reserve would cost you $1188 per month.

Their features include:

  • smart table assignment
  • rearranges reservations to minimize dead space
  • actionable analytics
  • robust customer profiles
  • Flexible contracts

With this information in hand, I hope you are able to make a well educated choice about which restaurant reservation system to use at your restaurant.

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